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Are you searching for proficient grease trap cleaning services in Surrey, British Columbia? Contact us at 604-239-0538 for a complimentary consultation. Our expert team offers a wide range of grease trap services, ensuring your business adheres to local Surrey regulations and functions without a hitch.

We excel in comprehensive cleaning and maintenance, tackling every facet of grease trap care with accuracy and dedication. Our experienced technicians employ the latest technology and methodologies to resolve various grease trap challenges, from standard cleaning to intricate repairs and inspections.

Choose us for unparalleled service, featuring advanced techniques for a hassle-free, efficient experience.

Our Surrey Grease Trap Cleaning Services

Inspecting Grease Trap

Grease Trap Inspection

Our comprehensive inspections serve as the foundation of our services, adeptly identifying potential issues such as congestion, drainage problems, and the accumulation of foul substances in pipes and drains early on.

By meticulously examining your grease interceptors, we pinpoint signs of deterioration or failure that could escalate into significant plumbing concerns, saving you both time and money by averting costly repairs and operational interruptions.

Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular and detailed cleaning of your grease traps is vital for their effective operation. Our specialized team removes all accumulated fats, oils, grease (FOG), coffee beans, rancid fog, and sauces, preventing congestion from excessive grease buildup. 

Besides, our maintenance program works with our cleaning solutions to ensure your grease trap system remains in prime condition. Through comprehensive inspections and cleaning, we identify any wear or damage, replacing parts as necessary to maintain optimal performance and prevent future issues.

Grease Trap Pumping

Utilizing our specialized vacuum truck service, we empty filled grease traps, making sure they are fully cleared and operational. 

This essential service helps prevent overflows and improper disposal. It maintains the integrity of your grease traps, reducing the risk of sewage system contamination and alignment issues related to bylaw infractions.

Grease Trap Repair

Our licensed and insured team will deliver swift and effective repair services if your grease trap encounters leaks or damage, particularly in critical areas such as the kitchen area near the sink or dishwasher. 

We tackle various issues, from minor leaks to more significant damages, offering solutions that restore functionality and prevent further problems for your business. Neglecting these obstacles will result in costly repairs.

Grease Trap Installation

under sink grease trap Installation

Whether setting up a new establishment or upgrading an existing system, our professional installation services ensure your grease trap is correctly installed and meets Surrey-specific requirements and standards. 

We support you at every step, from selection to installation, addressing critical issues from kitchen back-ups to burst pipes and environmental protection. 

Our expertise extends to ensuring that sewer lines are properly connected and that the system is fully functional underground, where it plays a crucial role in preventing grease from entering and clogging the sewer lines.

How Do We Clean It?

  • Inspection: Our experienced technicians scrutinize your traps and plumbing infrastructure for any signs of buildup or damage. Special attention is given to the cooking oil and grease levels, initiating the cleaning process when grease levels reach a quarter of the trap’s capacity. 
  • Preparation: Prioritizing safety and cleanliness, we implement exhaustive procedures and utilize professional-grade protective equipment and materials to protect your premises throughout the cleaning process. 
  • Pumping: Employing specialized pumping equipment, our team safely and efficiently extracts the contents of your grease trap. This phase is executed precisely to prevent spills and guarantee a comprehensive cleaning.
  • Cleaning: Once emptied, we cleanse your grease trap using high-pressure water jets, hydro-vacs, and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.
  • Disposal: In alignment with Surrey’s environmental guidelines, we responsibly dispose of the waste collected during cleaning, ensuring our methods are both sustainable and safe. Failure to comply with these practices can result in a penalty, emphasizing the importance of adhering to laws designed to protect the environment.
  • Re-inspection and Testing: Post-cleaning, a detailed re-inspection and testing phase confirms the functionality of your grease trap. We examine for proper drainage, check for leaks, and verify the seamless operation of your system. This step is crucial to ensure that your establishment meets the sanitary standards required by law, preventing the risk of closure due to non-compliance. 
  • Documentation: Comprehensive documentation of our cleaning approaches is provided, which is crucial for your records and for addressing any future inquiries from your business. This includes detailed service reports essential for demonstrating agreement with city inspectors and adhering to Surrey’s environmental standards.

Areas We Primarily Serve in Surrey, British Columbia

Our services extend across Surrey, including but not limited to:

  • Cloverdale
  • Guildford
  • Newton
  • South Surrey
  • Grandview Heights
  • Fraser Heights
  • Ocean Park
  • Port Kells
  • Panorama Ridge
  • Aloha Estates
  • East Clayton

Benefits Of Our Grease Trap Services – Surrey, BC

  • Strict Compliance with Local Regulations
  • Effective Prevention of Clogs and Backups
  • Enhanced Efficiency of Grease Traps
  • Minimized Risk of Fines and Legal Issues
  • Prolonged Lifespan of Grease Traps
  • Positive Environmental Impact
  • Prevention of Unpleasant Odors and Pests

Local Grease Trap Regulations

In the Surrey area, the accountability for grease trap maintenance falls squarely on the shoulders of property owners and managers. The city prioritizes the prevention of blockages, backups, and grease-related complications, making regular upkeep, including cleaning and inspection of grease traps, an essential requirement for all commercial kitchens.

Surrey businesses must maintain comprehensive grease trap maintenance and cleaning records as part of their commitment to zero-waste and environmental stewardship. This paperwork is crucial and may be reviewed by local health and safety authorities to confirm compliance with municipal laws. Companies must even handle submitting and organizing these documents to ensure they are readily accessible for inspection.

Echoing initiatives like Vancouver’s “FOG Smart” program, Surrey also provides valuable resources and education to businesses on proper grease trap management. Through workshops, informational material, and assistance in regulatory agreements, establishments are equipped with the knowledge to prevent fats, oils, and grease from contaminating the municipal sewer system, aligning with the city’s zero-waste goals and ensuring a cleaner, safer environment.

Why Do Surrey Clients Trust Us for Premier Grease Trap Services?

  1. Experience & Expertise: We are Surrey’s leading grease trap service provider with years of dedicated service and a portfolio of successful projects. Our team’s expertise ensures that your establishment’s grease trap needs are handled with the utmost professionalism and skill.
  2. Premium Service Selection: Our approach is to employ the most effective techniques and technologies for grease interceptor cleaning, ensuring your grease trap system operates efficiently and complies with local laws. This includes removing grease from sewers and properly managing used cooking oil, which are essential practices for maintaining your system’s functionality.
  3. Competitive Pricing: We aim to deliver cost-effective solutions that fit your budget and reduce long-term maintenance costs. 
  4. Prompt & Reliable Services: We ensure quick responses to service requests and efficient execution of tasks, minimizing any operational disruptions to your establishment. In addition to our commitment to promptness and reliability, we’ll also offer personalized consultations to address any concerns or requirements you may have.

Looking for Professional Grease Trap Services Near Me?

Your quest for top-notch grease trap services in the Surrey and Metro Vancouver area concludes with us! Our firm is dedicated to offering comprehensive and efficient solutions designed to avert your grease trap system malfunctions, saving you from costly repairs and potential legal complications.

Our licensed specialists are fully equipped to deliver the essential services your commercial establishment requires to maintain its operational integrity. Place your trust in our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to quality. 

We invite you to reach out for more information and discover how we can assist in keeping your establishment running smoothly and compliantly.


Why is it critical to clean my grease trap?

Cleaning your grease trap is crucial to prevent the accumulation of grease, fats, and oil, which can lead to plumbing blockages and backups if left unaddressed. Establishing a proper cleaning frequency and following a cleaning schedule is essential to ensure these substances do not accumulate to problematic levels. 

Without regular cleaning, these substances can emit unpleasant odors, particularly in establishments dealing with dairy products, and pose a risk of wastewater contamination. 

How often should I have my grease trap cleaned?

The frequency of grease trap cleaning varies based on the amount of FOG your establishment generates. Generally, it’s advisable to schedule a cleaning at least once every three months to ensure your grease trap remains functional and compliant with Surrey’s local environmental standards. 

Neglecting regular cleaning can lead to severe issues, such as when FOG piles up and hardens in the sewer, causing them to overflow. This leads to unpleasant sewage backup and emits a persistent stench, creating unsanitary conditions and potential health hazards. 

Can I clean my grease trap on my own?

While it may seem cost-saving, DIY grease trap cleaning is not recommended because of the risk of improper grease trap cleaning, which can lead to serious problems. Proper cleaning requires specialized equipment and an in-depth knowledge of Surrey’s health and safety policies. 

Attempting to clean your grease trap without the proper expertise and tools could result in non-compliance, potential damage to your system, or personal injury.

How do grease traps work?

Grease traps are designed to intercept FOG from the wastewater exiting your kitchen fixtures before it enters the wastewater system. As the wastewater cools, the FOG solidifies and floats to the top, while heavier solids settle at the bottom. 

This separation process allows the middle layer of cleaner water to continue through the trap and into the sewer, effectively preventing FOG from causing congestion in the plumbing system.

Trust Our Surrey Residential and Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Services!

Septic Tank Cleaning Langley BC, is your trusted partner for all grease trap-related needs in Surrey and the surrounding areas. Our depth of knowledge and extensive experience enable us to provide unparalleled quality cleaning, maintenance, inspection, and repair services specifically designed for the demands of your commercial kitchen.

Ignoring the necessary routine upkeep of your grease traps can lead to significant issues, like congestion and overflows, resulting in expensive repairs and disruptions to your business operations.

For personalized service and to schedule your next service, please call us at 604-239-0538.

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