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Grease Trap Cleaning Langley BC

Grease traps are a vital component of any commercial kitchen or restaurant, designed to prevent harmful grease and oil from entering the sewer system and causing damage to the environment.

With proper maintenance and regular cleaning, grease traps can avoid clogging and malfunctioning, leading to costly repairs and potential legal issues.

Don’t wait for foul odors, slow drainage, grease build-up, and backups to show up. Call us at Septic Tank Cleaning Langley BC, and have your grease trap inspected and cleaned by experts as soon as possible.

Our Services

Grease Trap Inspection

A thorough inspection of the grease interceptor that may cause a blocked sink. It is important to identify any potential problems and ensure it functions correctly.

Grease Trap Cleaning

We drain accumulated fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from the grease trap. This service is essential to maintain the efficiency of the grease trap.

Grease Trap Maintenance

This service can help prevent problems and prolong the life of the grease trap. It is important to have your grease traps cleaned regularly.

Grease Trap Pumping

Removal of the contents of the grease trap using a vacuum truck. This service is necessary when the grease trap is full or needs to be emptied for maintenance or repair.

Grease Trap Repair

We can perform efficient repair services and other issues with the grease trap, such as leaks or damaged components. This service is essential to ensure the grease trap functions correctly and prevents further damage or problems.

Grease Trap Installation

The service is necessary when a new business is established, or an existing grease trap is no longer functional.

Our family-owned business operates in Langley, British Columbia. We have clients near Langley Memorial Hospital, Trinity Western University, and Langley Regional Airport. We can also cover Fraser Valley, Greater Vancouver, and Lower Mainland areas.

The Grease Trap Cleaning Process

1. Inspection

Our technician will check your grease trap and pipes to identify potential problems or damages. It helps our team to determine the best approach to cleaning your grease trap.

Grease traps should be cleaned when ¼ of the volume is occupied by grease and ¾ by water.

2. Preparation

Our team ensures a safe and efficient cleaning process. We use protective equipment and mats to prevent spills and damage in your pipes.

3. Pumping

Our team of professionals uses specialized equipment to pump the contents of the grease trap into our vacuum trucks.

We are professional cleaners specializing in grease trap cleaning and septic systems in Langley. We ensure the entire grease trap is emptied and no residue remains after our service.

4. Cleaning

Our technician uses high-pressure water jets, hydro-vacs, and specialized cleaning solutions for cleaning services.

We remove any remaining fat, oil, grease (FOG), and debris, ensuring the grease trap functions optimally.

5. Disposal

We take care to dispose of the waste in an environmentally responsible manner that complies with all local regulations.

We transport the collected waste to an authorized disposal facility in Langley for proper disposal.

6. Re-inspection and Testing

Once the grease trap has been cleaned, we re-inspect it to ensure the pipe and trap function correctly. 

We conduct tests to ensure that the grease trap drains correctly and that there are no leaks or other issues.

7. Documentation

Finally, we provide documentation of the cleaning service for our customers.

This documentation can be used to demonstrate compliance with local regulations, for city inspectors’ reference, and future maintenance.

We recommend that your grease traps be cleaned regularly, especially when dealing with cooking oil, to prevent damage to your septic system and septic tanks.

Benefits of Grease Trap Services- Langley, British Columbia

  • Compliance with local regulations of Langley, British Columbia
  • Prevention of clogs, backups, and other issues
  • Increased efficiency of the grease trap
  • Reduced risk of fines and legal issues
  • Prolonged life of the grease trap
  • Improved environmental impact
  • Prevention of unpleasant odors and pests
  • A safer and healthier working environment for employees

Grease Traps Local Regulations

Property owners or managers are responsible for maintaining grease traps in Langley. They must properly maintain grease traps to prevent clogs, backups, and other issues.

Businesses must keep records of their grease trap cleaning and maintenance, which may be subject to inspection by local authorities.

The Township of Langley has a program called “FOG Smart” that provides resources and education to help them comply with local regulations and maintain their grease traps properly.

The program includes workshops, informational materials, and assistance with regulatory compliance.

In addition, the Township of Langley enforces bylaws related to the disposal of fats, oils, and grease (FOG), which must be disposed of properly because plumbing and drainage systems are connected to grease traps in Langley.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Why is grease trap cleaning important?

Grease trap cleaning is essential to prevent the accumulation of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) in the trap, leading to clogs, backups, and other issues.

The local government strictly enforces health and safety regulations related to properly handling and disposing of grease trap waste in Langley.

How often should I have my grease trap cleaned?

Most business should have their grease traps cleaned at least once every three months. We recommend getting seasoned professionals for hassle-free septic tank and grease trap services.

Can I clean my grease trap myself?

While cleaning a grease trap yourself is possible, it is generally not recommended. It requires specialized equipment, training, and knowledge of local regulations. It is typically more efficient and cost-effective to get cleaning services.

How grease traps work?

Grease traps work by capturing fats, oils, and grease (FOG) that are produced during cooking and other food preps. They are typically installed in commercial kitchens and restaurants to prevent FOG from entering the sewer system and causing clogs, overflow, backups, and other issues.


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