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Are you seeking expert hydrovac services in Burnaby, British Columbia? Call us at 604-239-0538 to experience premier hydrovac solutions tailored to your needs. Our team, comprised of skilled hydrovac and septic system technicians, is devoted to providing top-notch hydrovac cleaning and excavation services with an unwavering commitment to safety, precision, and environmental protection.

Hydro excavation, the innovative, non-destructive method of excavation employing pressurized water and a potent vacuum, is a service we are honored to extend to Burnaby, British Columbia, and its neighboring areas.

As a foremost provider of hydro excavation services, our expert hydro excavation Burnaby team guarantees a safer, more efficient, and eco-friendly alternative to conventional excavation methods.

Understanding Hydro Excavation

a hydrovac truck

Hydro excavation uses the power of high-pressure water to break apart and dig up soil. We employ an industrial-strength vacuum to eliminate debris and maintain a clean workspace.

This hydrovac and hydro-excavation technique is supremely effective, especially when working around underground utilities, minimizing damage risks and ensuring everyone’s safety. Our Burnaby-based team’s water jet is so powerful it can cut through materials ranging from sand and dirt to hard soil and compacted gravel without causing harm to any buried materials.

Our equipment makes breaking up and lifting soil possible, with the vacuum sending the slurry to a debris tank, ensuring responsible disposal. This approach to excavation is much cleaner and more precise than traditional methods.

Our Hydro Excavation Services in Burnaby, BC

Daylighting and Potholing

Our expert technicians employ hydro excavation tools to reveal buried utilities and infrastructure safely.

Daylighting hydrovac techniques can minimize potential damage and ensure accurate and efficient work. We can confirm details about the underground utilities, including depth, size, type, and condition.

Potholing, another hydrovac service, is employed to craft a test hole, pinpointing underground utilities to minimize damage further.

Trenching and Vac Truck Excavation

man doing hydrovacing service

We offer unparalleled hydrovac services for various applications, such as pipeline setups, utility placements, drainage systems, and foundational preparations for construction projects.

Our hydro-excavation tools allow us to dig and install in an eco-friendly manner without causing damage. By using hydrovac methods and vacuum trucks, we significantly decrease risks related to damaging pre-existing structures during excavation.

Debris Removal and Site Cleaning

Our hydro excavation trucks, operating throughout British Columbia, are designed to effectively remove and dispose of debris, including soil, gravel, and sand. Post excavation, we handle large sludge amounts as well.

Ensuring a safe and pristine workspace is a priority. Our industrial-strength vacuum trucks promise an environmentally-conscious hydrovac solution in Burnaby and its vicinity.

Buried Utilities and Pipeline Locating

We specialize in dependable pipeline and utility detection using hydro excavation tools. Our non-destructive techniques allow us to dig deep – up to 50 feet or more.

However, deeper excavations may need more time, considering the extended distance for soil and water slurry transportation to our debris tanks.

With our equipment, we can minimize the chances of accidental hits and costly repairs. By utilizing hydro excavation, water pressure, and hydrovac services for utility detection, we ensure the safety and integrity of every underground project.

Slot Trenching

Our hydro excavation services encompass slot trenching, perfect for crafting narrow trenches for cable, conduit, or irrigation system installations.

Our hydrovac techniques and services promise precision with minimal soil disruption. Slot trenching is especially valuable in urban environments, where space is at a premium and precision is crucial.

Cold Weather Digging

Our advanced hydro excavation equipment remains efficient even in Burnaby’s colder weather. If the ground is frozen, we use hot water combined with high-pressure hydro excavation to cut through the frozen layers.

This ensures our hydrovac equipment remains the go-to solution for winter excavation, construction, and installation projects.

Service Areas in Burnaby, BC

We proudly serve the entire Burnaby, BC area, including:

  • Metrotown
  • Brentwood
  • Lochdale
  • Burnaby Heights
  • South Slope
  • Buckingham Heights
  • Westridge
  • Sullivan Heights
  • Montecito
  • Burquitlam
  • Sapperton

Whether you’re situated in bustling commercial centers or peaceful neighborhoods, we’re ready to deliver top-tier hydro excavation and hydrovac services.

Why Burnaby Clients Choose Us as the Best Hydro Excavation Services?

  • Trained and Experienced Staff: Our team, composed of highly skilled professionals, possesses a vast knowledge of hydrovac excavation and hydro excavation technology, promising unparalleled results in Burnaby.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: We ensure safe and optimal performance within Burnaby, BC, with continuous investment in the latest hydrovac and hydro excavation tools.
  • Commitment to Safety: Keeping our workers, clients, and the public safe in Burnaby is paramount. By adhering to industry-leading practices, we foster a secure hydrovac working environment.
  • Competitive Pricing: Offering top-tier hydrovac excavation without sacrificing quality, our pricing is flexible to suit various project scales and budgets within Burnaby.
  • Fast Response and Prompt Action: We pride ourselves on our quick response times and dependable hydrovac services for all projects, guaranteeing punctual completion and minimal interference.
  • Excellent Customer Service: We aim to surpass client expectations and satisfaction across Burnaby’s residential, business, and industrial sectors.

Seeking Hydrovac Services Near Me?

In search of top-notch hydrovac solutions in Burnaby, British Columbia? Your search ends here! We offer premium Hydrovac services in Burnaby, ensuring seamless operations around underground utilities.

By doing so, we significantly reduce the likelihood of damage, prioritizing the safety of our team and the local community.

Get in touch with us today to benefit from our wide array of services, including but not limited to daylighting and potholing, trenching and excavation, and debris removal and cleanup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of hydro excavation?

The fundamental objective of hydro excavation is to present a non-destructive means of excavating soil and pinpointing underground utilities.

Our precise approach harnesses pressurized water to fragment the soil in conjunction with a vacuum system to eliminate debris and spills.

This meticulous hydro excavation technique slashes the risk of damaging underground utilities, averting expensive and hazardous situations.

How deep can hydro excavation dig?

Our hydro excavation can penetrate up to 50 feet or even greater depths, depending on the equipment and materials.

As the depth escalates in hydro-excavation, the hydrovac process may call for additional resources due to the increased distance the amalgamation of soil and water slurry must travel to the debris tank through air vacuum technology.

Why is hydro excavation safer than traditional excavation methods?

Hydro excavation is lauded for its enhanced safety, as it minimizes the risk of harming underground utilities. By employing water to disintegrate the soil, our method is far less prone to cause damage to pipes and cables compared to mechanical digging techniques.

Our hydro-excavating procedure utilizes industrial-strength water pressure and hot water when dealing with frozen ground and a debris tank to amass loose soils and materials after excavation.

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