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Seeking water hauling services in Vancouver, BC? Your search ends here. Our company is dedicated to providing unparalleled water hauling services in Vancouver, British Columbia, attending to a broad spectrum of needs, including residential, commercial, and municipal demands.

Our Services

Potable Delivery

Residential Services

Water Supply Services for Residential Needs

We recognize the significance of having clean and dependable water for your household. However, we are currently focused on offering non-potable water for residential construction projects, garden maintenance, and other household tasks where potable water is unnecessary.

We prioritize the integrity and reliability of our water delivery, ensuring that while the water we supply is not intended for drinking, it meets the necessary standards for its intended uses.

Excitingly, we are expanding our services to include potable water supply in the Vancouver area. While this development is underway, we encourage you to contact us for regular updates on our mission to offer clean and safe drinking water.

Swimming Pool Filling

In addition to delivering drinking water, we also offer pool-filling services. We cater to all pool types – from in-ground pools to above-ground installations and hot tubs.

Thanks to our high-capacity pumps, we can fill your pool efficiently and help adjust the water’s chemical balance for safe swimming conditions.

We offer this service throughout Vancouver, from the beautiful homes in Shaughnessy to the bustling area of Grandview-Woodland.

Garden and Landscape Irrigation

Maintaining green, healthy gardens and landscapes is important to many Vancouver residents. Therefore, we offer the following:

  • Tailored water hauling solutions to fit your specific gardening needs.
  • Services are designed considering factors like the season, the type of plants, and the garden size.

Our coverage spans across Vancouver, from the stunning gardens of the West End to the charming backyards in Marpole.

Commercial Services

Construction Site Services

We recognize the heavy water demands at construction sites and are equipped to meet them.

Our commercial services include dust suppression and concrete mixing, facilitated by high-pressure pumps delivering large volumes of water.

We service projects throughout Vancouver, from the occupied areas of Railtown to the rapidly developing False Creek.

Agricultural Water Delivery

Agriculture, albeit limited, forms an important part of Vancouver’s urban landscape.

We cater to urban farming needs, providing water for irrigation, livestock, and other farming requirements with our specialized delivery systems.

Be it community garden projects in Strathcona or urban farms in South Vancouver, we ensure your agricultural activities are always supplied with water.

Event Water Supply

Water supply for outdoor events, ranging from private parties to large public festivals, can be logistically demanding.

We step in to alleviate these challenges with our on-demand water hauling services.

Whether it’s a small gathering at Stanley Park or a major event at Sunset Beach, we guarantee an adequate water supply to keep your guests hydrated.

Non-Potable Water Delivery

Municipal Services

Dust Control

Our dust suppression services, facilitated by specially designed spray systems, are instrumental in controlling dust at construction sites, roads, and during demolition works.

Doing so contributes to maintaining air quality, creating a clean and safe space for the employees and residents.

Firefighting Support

We stand ready to support Vancouver’s fire departments during emergencies by providing a vital firefighting water supply.

Our high-capacity tanker trucks are always on standby to respond promptly, helping safeguard our community, whether in densely populated areas like Yaletown or the quieter neighborhoods of Dunbar-Southlands.

Emergency Water Supply

Emergencies can occur without warning, and quick access to water can be crucial. Our emergency water supply services are designed to address this need, available 24/7.

Our capacity to swiftly deliver large volumes of water ensures support for residential, commercial, and industrial clients during unexpected incidents.

The Water Hauling Services Process

1. Initial Consultation

Our first step is to discuss your water needs in-depth with you. We ascertain the quantity and type of water you require and the specific purpose it is intended for. This dialogue helps us understand your requirements and tailor our water hauling services to best fit your needs.

2. Scheduling

Once we fully comprehend your needs, we work closely with you to plan the delivery of our water-hauling services at the most convenient time. We aim to align our operations with your schedule and ensure a seamless and efficient delivery process.

3. Water Sourcing

Depending on your specific potable or non-potable water requirements, we source our water from secure and reliable sources. These may include municipal water systems or wells that conform to stringent health and safety standards.

4. Water Treatment

We may subject it to rigorous treatment processes to ensure that the water meets the necessary quality and safety benchmarks. These can include filtration and disinfection protocols to uphold the highest quality of water we provide.

Regular maintenance and rigorous quality checks underscore our commitment to delivering unparalleled water-hauling services.

5. Safe Transportation

Our specialized tanker trucks are equipped with food-grade hoses, fittings, and storage tanks to preserve the cleanliness and quality of the water during transit. The treated water is carefully loaded onto these vehicles, preparing it for delivery.

6. Timely Delivery

A team of dedicated professionals ensures the water reaches your location as per the predetermined schedule or as needed. We strive to provide efficient and safe water hauling services, focusing on promptly fulfilling your water requirements.

7. Unloading and Transfer

Upon reaching your location, we employ suitable equipment, such as hoses and pumps, to unload and transfer the water.

Whether connecting to your on-site water storage tanks or directly providing water for your intended use, our process is precise and mindful of your needs.

8. Continued Follow-up and Support

Our commitment to our clients continues after the delivery. We take pride in our exceptional customer service, which involves regular updates on delivery times and confirmation of your satisfaction with our services.

We’re always available to provide support and ensure a positive experience.

Benefits Of Using Our Water Hauling Services

  • Convenient and efficient water supply
  • Access to clean and safe water sources
  • Customized solutions for residential and commercial needs
  • Enhanced water management and conservation
  • Reduced strain on municipal water systems
  • Support for various applications and industries
  • Emergency water supply availability

Service Areas in Vancouver, BC

Our business is happy to serve customers in Vancouver, British Columbia, and the surrounding areas. Included among the areas we serve are:

  • Downtown Vancouver
  • West End
  • Kitsilano
  • East Vancouver
  • Gastown
  • shaughnessy
  • Kerrisdale
  • Dunbar-Southlands
  • Marpole
  • Fairview
  • Greektown, Vancouver
  • Steveston
  • Upper Lonsdale

Why Choose Our Vancouver Water Hauling Services?

  • Expansive Service Area: Our services cover Vancouver, British Columbia, and neighboring areas like Burnaby, Richmond, and other parts of the Greater Vancouver area.
  • Expertise and Experience: Our team boasts years of industry experience and professional expertise in water hauling services.
  • Reliable and Timely Deliveries: Our fleet of well-maintained vehicles and an advanced scheduling system ensures punctual deliveries of potable water.
  • High-Quality Water Sources and Treatment Processes: We source our water from reliable locations and use stringent treatment processes to ensure it meets and surpasses health and safety standards.
  • Competitive Pricing and Flexible Service Options: We offer competitive prices and flexible service options tailored to your unique water requirements.
  • Outstanding Customer Service and Support: We strive to provide excellent customer service, building and nurturing long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our services are thorough and supportive, from the initial contact to post-service follow-ups.


How is the water transported?

We utilize specialized tanker trucks for water hauling, equipped with food-grade hoses, fittings, and storage tanks to ensure the water’s cleanliness and quality during transport.

What types of water can be hauled?

We offer services for transporting and delivering potable (drinkable) and non-potable water, catering to various uses like swimming pools, construction sites, irrigation, dust control, and firefighting support.

Vancouver Water Hauling Services Can Be Arranged Today!

If you’re looking for a reliable, community-centric provider of water hauling services in Vancouver, BC, you need not look further.

Contact Septic Tank Cleaning Langley BC today for a quote, to schedule a delivery, or to discuss how we can meet your water hauling needs.

Ensuring your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re dedicated to going above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

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